Find your perfect Pram

Which UPPAbaby Pram is right for you?

Choosing the right UPPAbaby pram for your family involves thoughtful consideration of various factors to ensure it perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs. Begin by assessing your family's size, whether you have one child or multiple children and their ages.

For parents with infants, the UPPAbaby Vista offers versatility with its compatibility for multiple seating configurations and convenient bassinet option for newborns. If you're a family constantly on the move or living in urban environments, the compact and maneuverable UPPAbaby Cruz might be ideal, providing agility without compromising comfort.

For families who love outdoor adventures, the UPPAbaby Minu offers lightweight portability, making it perfect for travel and exploring. If you are living in country areas or love to go for a daily jog or run, the UPPAbaby Ridge is your go to pram.

Ultimately, selecting the right UPPAbaby pram entails aligning its features with your family's unique lifestyle and preferences to ensure years of comfortable and enjoyable outings together.

PriceRRP $2199RRP $1200RRP $1299RRP $649
Age / Weight RangeBirth (with included bassinet)
to 23kgs
6 months to 23kgs6 months to 25kgsBirth  to 22kgs
Maximum Number of
From Birth Options
(Sold Separately)
Bassinet (Included)
Infant SnugSeat
Infant Car Seat
Infant SnugSeat
Infant Car Seat
Infant SnugSeat
Infant Car Seat
Infant Car Seat

(Sold Separately)
Infant Car Seat
True Weight (includes, 
frame, canopy, basket,
Frame + Seat: 12.4 kg
Frame: 9.1 kg
Seat: 3.3 kg
Frame + Seat: 11.6 kg
Frame: 8.6 kg
Seat: 3 kg
Frame + Seat: 13.2 kg

Frame + Seat: 7.7 kg

Unfolded (cm)91.4 L X 65.3 W X 100.3 H95.3 L x 57.8 W x 101.6 H97.8 L x 66 W x 102.9 H90.2 L x 52.1 W x 104 H
Folded (cm)
Folded with seat
attached (cm)
44 L x 65.3 W x 84.5 H
33 L x 65.3 W x 81.3 H
41.9 L x 57.8 W x 83.8 H
30.5 L x 57.8 W x 76.2 H
47 L x 66 W x 92.7 H

31.7 L x 52.1 W x 58.4 H

Maximum Basket
13.6kgs13.6kgs13.6kgs9 kgs
Reversible SeatYesYesNoNo
Adjustable HandlebarYesYesYesNo
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Prams that suite your Lifestyle

Vista V2 Pram

One for all.

The quintessential pram for newborns that seamlessly evolves with your child's growth, making it an ideal investment for growing families. Initially serving as a single pram, the Vista can effortlessly transition into a double pram, accommodating a second seat or bassinet for twins without sacrificing comfort or functionality. This adaptability ensures that the Vista provides convenience and versatility for parents with multiple children. With the option to add a piggyback board for a third child, the Vista truly lives up to its reputation as the ultimate "One pram for all," catering to the evolving needs of your expanding family with ease and style.


Cruz v2 Pram

Compact without compromise.

Urban sophistication, the Cruz has a sleek and streamlined design, offering parents a lightweight yet robust solution for navigating city life effortlessly. Whether traversing bustling city streets or navigating crowded shopping centers, the Cruz excels in maneuverability and ease of use. Its agile handling allows for smooth navigation through tight spaces, while its generous storage basket ensures ample space for all your essentials, from toys to groceries. With the Cruz, parents can confidently stroll with their little ones, knowing they have the versatility and convenience needed to tackle any urban adventure with ease.


Ridge Pram

Cover more ground.

The Ridge jogger sets the bar for all-terrain strollers, designed to deliver exceptional performance on any path you choose to explore. Its robust construction and thoughtful design make it ideal for tackling various terrains, from city streets to rugged trails. With smart, adjustable features, both the pusher and passenger can enjoy maximum comfort and support, ensuring a smooth ride from start to finish. Refined yet durable, the Ridge opens up new horizons for outdoor adventures, empowering parents to confidently venture off the beaten path and discover new experiences with their little ones.


Minu V2 Pram

Go places, big and small.

The Minu is the perfect companion for parents seeking convenience and comfort on their daily adventures and exciting excursions. With its sleek and lightweight design, the Minu combines modern conveniences with portability, making it an essential tool for families on the go. Whether navigating busy streets or exploring new destinations, this pram offers effortless maneuverability and comfort for both parent and child. With its compact fold and easy-to-carry design, the Minu ensures hassle-free transportation and storage, allowing you to focus on making memories with your little one wherever you go.